"STORMY LOVE" is a artwork that portrays the intense and unexpected affection between two Stormtroopers.

The piece explores the complex emotions and human connection that can transcend even the most rigid of roles. This unexpected display of love a powerful layer of depth and emotion to an iconic symbol of the Galactic Empire.


"BANANA MOUSE" is a captivating artwork featuring Mickey Mouse in front perspective. In this piece, Mickey stands with a vibrant yellow banana in his hand, while the rest of the artwork is composed in black and white with subtle grey tones. This unique portrayal breaks away from Mickey's typical association with red, placing emphasis on the color yellow.


"REBEL" is an artwork featuring Princess Leia from the iconic Star Wars franchise, posed defiantly with a gun. The piece captivates viewers with Leia's strong spirit, showcasing her as a symbol of rebellion. Adorned with striking golden letters at the top spelling out "REBEL," the artwork enhances the message of defiance and resistance embodied by the beloved character.


"SPACE INVADERS" is a artwork depicting an astronaut sitting cross-legged in front of a television, engrossed in playing the classic computer game. With a game controller in their hands, the astronaut appears fully absorbed in navigating through the virtual world. In the background, the iconic characters from the arcade game "Space Invaders" emerge, adding a nostalgic touch to the artwork. This piece playfully explores the idea of escapism, bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds.


"SAD POOH" is a poignant artwork featuring Winnie the Pooh sitting desolate on the ground, his expression filled with sorrow. The honey pot beside him is empty, a tangible reminder of his insatiable appetite for honey. Pooh's sadness emerges from the realization that he has consumed it all, leaving him yearning for more sweetness in a world now devoid of the golden nectar he so adores.